이왈종 is an artist that uses engravings in acrylic paint, that arouse a unique air that has both Korean traditional and modern moods combined. He uses modern materials such as cars and golf, but uses Jeju island; an island famous for its wonderful natural backgrounds, as its background. Also, he uses a multi-view technique – which is a technique that draws materials viewed in all different directions and are usually used in Korean traditional landscape paintings – forming a peculiar sense of space.

One of the most famous series of his, is the <제주도의 중도> series. It describes his thought of what a real paradise would look like, in the eyes of a city dweller. He actually drew this series after he quit his job, which is when he longed for a place that he could banish all the pain away and find composure. I think this actually allowed him, to make one of the best artworks that could deliver his happiness and fantasies to his audience.


* reference of the above painting: 이왈종’s painting (


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