The most confusing part in learning grammar was linking the right from of object to each kind of verbs, in form #3. First of all, the basic form of English sentences can be organized into 5 types

(1) S + V / (2) S + V + SC / (3) S + V + O / (4) S + V + IO + DO / (5) S + V + O +OC

Type #1 and #2 are forms that use intransitive verbs, and #3, #4, #5 are forms that use transitive verbs. And especially in type #3, for each of the V (verb), particular O (object) are used. Objects are usually nouns, and there are many types of nouns; such as gerund and to-infinitve, like the chart below.


The confusing part in this, is not only memorizing but understanding the many types of uses of the word “to” and the difference between tenses and gerunds. There are a lot of more verbs and nouns to memorize, so the links below would help you to memorize others.

Practice 1:

Practice 2:


* reference of the above painting: 이두식’s painting (


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