In this year I was excited when we learned about how our society structure affects us. It was especially thrilling because we could learn the reason why we are always so busy and runned over living our life. The cause of this problem, according to my economy teacher, was because our society makes us to live a busy life by narrowing the gap of getting into good universities or getting good jobs. This theory is proposed by Robert Riech in a book <The Future of Success>.


He says that we can not get off the shade from the government’s policies and because most of Korea’s, or American policies place emphasis on economic growth, they try to find elites that could guide the whole country’s path to a more better way. However, because of this policy, people that are not elites or people who failed to “success” has to pay an enormous oppurtunity cost and to not pay this cost we are trying to be the best. The solution to this problem according to Riech, is that countries that are only interested in growing their economy should now also think about the equity needed in their country and improve their policies.


* reference of the picture of the book: amazon (

* reference of the above painting: Miguel Angel Iglesias Fernandez’s painting (


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