I especially had a good time in my school trip to singapore, when I was near the Marina Sands Bay Hotel. We could view it at the opposite side on the Merlion park at the afternoon and we could see it after sundown in a river boat ride at Clarke Quaye. Not only its view of the singapore river and city nightview was beautiful, but the overall mood of Clarke Quaye was brimful of vigor. It so, made me excited about my future and also made me smile, by looking at the boisterous but happy people with blushed faces. Therefore I think singapore was also a place that made me expect my own future, and again motivised me in living a happy and busy life. Also, this feeling made me think about a quote of one of my favorite songs; Empire State of Mind “Concrete jungle where dreams are made of/ There’s nothing you can’t do/ Now you’re in New York/ These streets will make you feel brand new/ Big lights will inspire you”. Although singapore is a place where western and eastern culture come together to from a new kind of modern culture, and so is different from New York, the sky scrappers and big structures of Singapore made me feel thesame way as when I heard ‘Empire State of Mind’.


* reference of the above picture: google (


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