1. Make an industry or invest in already made industries that are used in devoloping alternative energy

2. Provide education for developing countries

3. Make a bank and help our economy today

4. Buy a gallery in New York, exploit talented artist, and develop art industry

5. Provide help for Noth Korea and participate in the reunion of the Korean peninsula

6. Make a network of the richest people in the world, discuss where to use money, and put it into action

7. Buy a house for myself and my family in anywhere we wan

8. Go traveling for a month, and experience every country by temporarily living and working in that country.

9. Build a broadcasting company or run a newspaper, that doesn’t have any restrain from the government or anything

아무에게도 말할 수 없는 것* the reference of the above painting: 강예신’s painting (



빅토르 최With the concept of “social consciousness raising with music”, I would like to introduce the music of Viktor Tsoi (Виктор Цой ), a famous rock musician born from a Korean father and a Russian mother. He leaded a legendary group named ‘Kino (Кино)’ in Russia, and most of his works are about freedom and his rebellious spirit against communism, since it was when the Soviet Union was about to collapse. The below song, titled ‘Blood Type (Группа крови)’, is also a famous song about war and freedom. A Korean rock band named 윤도현 band (YB) remade this into a Korean version and gave a wider publicity to the attempts of Viktor Tsoi too.

‘Blood Type (Группа крови)’ – Kino band

Теплое место/ such a warm place
Но улицы ждут oтпечатков наших ног./ but they are on the field
Звездная пыль – на сапогах./ where our foot prints are waited for – star-dusted boots
Мягкое кресло, клетчатый плед,/ soft armchair, checkered plaid
Не нажатый вовремя курок./ the trigger that wasn’t pulled on time
Солнечный день – в ослепительных снах./ sunny days only exist in dazzling dreams

Группа крови – на рукаве,/ blood type on my sleeve
Мой порядковый номер – на рукаве,/ my service number on my sleeve
Пожелай мне удачи в бою, пожелай мне:/ wish me luck in the fight
Не остаться в этой траве,/ so I don’t stay alone on this grass
Не остаться в этой траве./ so I don’t stay alone on this grass
Пожелай мне удачи, пожелай мне удачи!/ wish me good luck, wish me good luck

И есть чем платить, но я не хочу/ I can win by paying its price
Победы любой ценой./ but I don’t want such victory
Я никому не хочу ставить ногу на грудь./ I don’t want to step on the hearts of anyone
Я хотел бы остаться с тобой,/ I want to survive with you –
Просто остаться с тобой,/ simply just to stay with you
Но высокая в небе звезда зовет меня в путь./ however the star high above calls me to the fight

Группа крови – на рукаве,/ blood type on my sleeve
Мой порядковый номер – на рукаве,/ my service number on my sleeve
Пожелай мне удачи в бою, пожелай мне:/ wish me luck in the fight
Не остаться в этой траве,/ so I don’t stay alone on this grass
Не остаться в этой траве./ so I don’t stay alone on this grass
Пожелай мне удачи, пожелай мне удачи/ wish me good luck, wish me good luck

‘Blood Type (혈액형)’ – 윤도현 band (YB)

(the song starts at about after 2 minutes)

추운 거리는 우리들의 발자국을 기다리고 군화 위엔 흙먼지들/ the cold street awaits for our footprints and there are stardust on our boots
젊음을 삼킨 두려운 싸움에 미쳐버리는 눈빛/ the look of insanity of the fearful fight that swallowed youth
잠에서 깨라 총에 맞기 전에/ get up before you get shot

나의 팔에 새겨있는 나의 혈액형 나의 군번아/ the blood type on my arm, the service number on my arm
싸움에서 나의 영혼을 지켜다오/ protect me from this fight
여기 싸늘한 이 땅에서 나의 피를 묻으리/ I would burrow my blood on this cold land
행운을 빌어다오 나의 행운을 빌어다오/ wish me good luck, wish me good luck

나레이션: 빅토르의 노래가 들린다. 싸늘한 그의 무덤 앞에 더 많은 빅토르가 모여 세상을 향해 울부짖는다. 지금도 그의 노래가 끝나지 않은 이유를 우리는 알아야만 한다/ Narration: I hear Viktor’s song beside his cold grave. More Viktors gather and cry out towards the world; we must know why his song his still alive.

고통스러운 이 잔인함을 좀 멈출 수 있다면/ if I can stop this painful cruelty
내 심장을 이곳에 던질 수도 있어/ I could throw my heart away
이젠 자유를 얻고 싶어 평화를 갖고 싶어/ now I want freedom, I want peace
눈물 흘리는 기도 속에 총 소리만이/ the gunshot among the tear dropping prays

나의 팔에 새겨있는 나의 혈액형 나의 군번아/ the blood type on my arm, the service number on my arm
싸움에서 나의 영혼을 지켜다오/ protect me from this fight
여기 싸늘한 이 땅에서 나의 피를 묻으리/ I would burrow my blood on this cold land
행운을 빌어다오 나의 행운을 빌어다오/ wish me good luck, wish me good luck

* the reference of the above picture: naver


What do you want to leave on to the world? What would you like to pass on to your next generation, and the next-next generation and on and on? It is important to live a successful life, and I think one of the reasons we are heading to success should be “to affect the world”. In other words, I think everyone’s dream and obligation as a member of society; the world, is leaving your own legacy.

Most Europe countries are suffering from their dependence on Russia’s fuel and China is suffering from extreme pollution of air and water. There must be a person to solve these problems with diplomatic means, but I think the development of technology made by scientists are the most fundamental needs for us to solve these problems. And so, my dream is to develop alternative energy and leave it on to the world; so as we used fuel thanks to James Watt for over 2 centuries, we can use alternative energy for the rest of our time. Alternative energy is simply using the stable energy circulating system found in nature. For instance, we use sunlight to produce electricity because it is an almost eternal energy source to Earth, and we use electrolysis to produce energy because all water molecules are ionic compounds. The alternative energy that I’m most interested in is synthetic biology. It uses genetic manipulation in microphytes so they can fast the time of producing enzymes and fuel. So, I wish in the future that I can have an opportunity to study about them and even develop a new technology that would certainly help all the people in the world.

낭만이 필요해

* the reference of the above painting: 강예신’s naver blog


Books I’ve read

1. <The Education Of Little Tree> by Forrest Carter

This book inspired me with the beautiful description of each and every scene of the real life the Indians lived, and its inconvenient truth that because the world we live in there are people that are losing their tradition and history. Especially when I read the book when I was an elementary 6th grader, the book made me equate the main character to myself, and so I cried when he cried and was happy when he laughed. And so, it was a time to realize what the world is today, and what should the Indians do in it.

2. <Holes> by Louis Sachar

As much as this novel is the novel that made Louis Sachar a famous children’s story writer, it is one of the most memorable stories that I’ve read until today. It is about a boy, Stanely Yenalt being sent to a correctional camp in the center of Texas because of a curse inherited by his great grandfather. Just like its bizarre background, the most unexpected incidents match like jigsaw puzzles to make up another unexpected result. Finding out these uncannily frightening and mysterious secrets is one of the peculiarity this novel has.

3. <Animal Farm> by George Orwell

When I first read this book, without knowing any of the symbolism each incident in the story has, it was no memorable story at all. However when I knew the pigs symbolized the high social status in communism and how they deliberately changed the laws of animal farm, I could better realize and understand the corruption of communism and its reasons. And so, I think it is a book that can raise social consciousness, and so is a book that anyone about my age should read.

4. <시인의 별 (The Star of a Poet)> by 이인화

This book is a faction story about a man who lost his wife, with a background when Mogol governed Koryo dynasty. He inquires here and there, and leaves in foot to Mongol for almost 10 years to find his wife; who was captivated by a land lord and then sold to another land lord in Mongol and on and on. It strongly impressed me with its tightly-plotted sad story lines, and the last part of the book, where he finds his wife but her wife doesn’t accept him; for she was already married to another man. I was so sad, because of the fact that the man only remembers the pure girl he had married 10 years ago, thinks that his old wife would’ve waited for him as he did, and can’t give up his regrets for his old wife.

5. <Jane Eyre> by Charlotte Bronte

<Jane Eyre> is well known for expressing the dream of all women of that time; leading one’s own life. It wasn’t much surprising to me, in knowing that a women can choose her own path just like Jane Eyre had independently chose to be a teacher, because nowadays all women have the rights to do what they want. However I think reading <Jane Eyre> is a must-have thing to do and can make you enjoy because if its mysterious secrets added to the story.

Books I would like to read in the future

1. <1Q84> by Haruki Murakami

This book is a dreamlike love story that shows what real “faith” and “love” is. Through a story of two lovers escaping a world with only belief and love, the writer so tries to explain the concept or “reality” If you read the lyrics of “It’s Only a Paper Moon” at the back cover of the book, you can see a quote “belief is what makes reality, and love is what saves your life.” Also through internet researching I could find a quote; “If you can love someone with your whole heart, even one person, then there’s salvation in life. Even if you can’t get together with that person.”. And so, I would like to explore the world Haruki Murakami wants to tell and enjoy its detailed and well-composed story of his.

2. <Pride and Prejudice> by Jane Austen

<Pride and Prejudice> is about a love story that goes through many difficulties for not only the big gap of social status, but because of the “prejudice” that the person who loves you, is arrogant. However the characters of the story overcome their difficulties through many incidents, and realize that one’s first impression is never important and getting to know the person with time is the most important thing in any relationship.

3. <Troisième Humanité> by Bernard Werber

This is a series of books written in the standpoint of the Earth. It tries to show how we; humans, had polluted the Earth and makes up a story that our genes are changing for us to adapt in our new polluted Earth.

4. <The Name of the Rose> by Umberto Eco

A mystery story based on the Middle Ages in Europe, it is about a murder case and shows how people in that time solved this problem. People of that time attributes murder to witches and devil, and so kills an innocent women for the suspicion that she is a witch.

5. <Faust> by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The story starts with the god and devil laying a bet on Faust; a beneficent scholar. The devil tries to arise his temptation and win the bet, but Faust dispels his desire and keeps on performing good deeds.

초현실주의 1* the reference of the above picture: naver


Through a site called “My College Advisor” I could find some American universities that seemed to fit me, and so today I would like to introduce them and share my research.


The first university I could find was Lehigh University ( Lehigh university is a private university in Pennsylvania Bethlehem, and there are 4 departments composing the university campus. College of Art and Sciences, College of Education, College of Business and Economics, P.C. Rossin College of Engineering and Applied Science are the following. Lehigh is especially famous for its business department, and its abundant support from the university alumni. It is also one of the “New Ivy League” that News Week had selected, and it’s business department is known as ranking 25th place among the numerous business departments in American universities.


The second university I would like to introduce is College of William and Mary( It is known for its long history and its beautiful natural background. It has the most old college building in America called The Sir Christopher Wren Building. Since it was built in 1693, it is the second university in America to be established, and now it is one of the state universities of Virginia which takes up a high ranking. There are 5 departments in this college: Arts & Sciences, Mason School of Business, School of Education, School of Marine Science, and Law School. The law school of this college was the first one to appear in the Unites States. The university is also known for producing many leaders of the country, such as, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Munroe, and John Tyler. For that reason, one of the most popular majors of this university is politics.

풍경* the reference of the above painting: 김정은’s blog (김정은 is a Korean artist)


I would like to talk about my recent realization at my 3rd year of middle school. Most of all, looking back at my 3 years in Cheongshim, I could realize a lot about the relationships between friends and the way I had changed. Especially I could realize, that a lot of my friends and I were forgetting what being real friends were.  Most of the time, we talk about idols and non of those things about who we are, such as our family and our own real experiences. And so, when we try to share our good experiences, a situation is made of us trying to boast of it and no one really doesn’t care. It may be caused by the power of media, but I certainly think that there are things in our heart that no one can make for us, and so that we should share it with other people. So from now on, I would like to have deeper conversations with my friend and have time to think about myself.

El dia que espere frente a tu casa

* reference of the above painting: interalia art gallery’s blog (it is the work of Miguel Angel Iglesias Fernandez)


My name is Lee Ga Eun / 이가은 / 李佳圻, and today I would like to introduce myself with a short poem about my name and its Chinese character’s meaning. (佳 means beautiful, and 圻 means bright^~^)

– By Grandpa –

BEAUTY (佳) is not a word that fits me,

but is chosen by grandpa

BRIGHT (圻) is not a word that describes me,

but is chosen by grandpa

Ga Eun (佳圻) is the name that represents me,

but is also the hopes left from my grandpa!!!

벼룩시장에서 팔더라고

* the reference of the above painting: 강예신’s blog (강예신 is a Korean artist)